Chris- Max is very knowledgeable about fish, corals, tanks, maintenance, hydroponics, etc…. I’ve had aquariums for over 50 years and very old school in tank maintenance. Max came by by my place with his little son one day totally free of charge and because of his love for the hobby, refused any payment and convinced me to get a protein skimmer, ditch the under gravel filter, etc… and some other great commendations as well. I love the Petty family. Such good people with beautiful hearts. I highly recommend Max Petty for any of your hydroponic, pond, aquarist needs. Good luck Max with all your future endeavors.
Nathan- Max started out at age 15 or 16 servicing tanks. He used to ride miles on his bike with a kiddie trailer full of 5 gallon water jugs and a backpack full of tools and equipment until he could afford a truck. He literally spent half of his life dedicated to this profession/hobby and he’s only 30. From cleaning simple 10 gallon tanks to midnight emergency calls for any problem, he won’t let you down. He’s the most committed and dependable person you will ever meet. His knowledge exceeds that of the most seasoned veterans in the trade. No excuses, no BS, no flaking. He’ll make your tank and fish look better than any you’ll ever see. I’ve watched him grow and learn for more than a decade. This is the only fish guy you will ever need.
J.J.- Max is completely and utterly dedicated to his passion: fish and aquatics. I have seen at first hand his set ups for customers and also his personal projects. He is constantly furthering his education in his field of expertise. Without a doubt I will call Max when I decide to get an aquarium of my own. I have known him for a long time and he is a straight up guy that doesn’t sugar-coat anything. He will give you an honest approach to meet your needs with your aquarium or anything that relates to fish. He is also extremely innovate; breaching the limits of aquarium technology with his witty and savvy behavior. I have witnessed Max invent numerous devices to automate and simplify aquarium setups and beyond. He is THE fish guy. Ask any question related to fish, aquatics, coral, etc and I guarantee he will have an answer for you.
Nick- I’m downloading yelp and going to sign up because Honestly you need a 5 star review. I never met a person with so much knowledge and passion in what you do. My 15 year old fish is still swimming and looking like a boss because of you. Thanks Max and I know you are going to do great with this new adventure
Chayanne- I’ve known max for 13 years. And in those 13 years I have seen his knowledge expand beyond belief. Max will not jump into a project without being 100% in it. He’s strong minded and full of life. No matter what question you have max will find the answer if he doesn’t already have it. When max dedicates his time to you It’s  all his time. He won’t let you down. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do what max does! He inspires people to learn and to educate themselves on their projects. Your tank and aquaponics will be above and beyond with Max as your fish guy.
Brendan- Hell ya buddy to anyone who knows this guy he is a well oiled machine when it comes to free diving and spear fishing and straight up one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to survival and fish.
Dakota- Man, I honestly can’t say enough about this guy. Simply put, for any job- Max is your guy. It goes far beyond tank cleanings and anything else. It’s rare to have anyone you can rely on, max has proven time and time again that he is one of them. It wouldn’t matter what team I was assembling, max would be someone I would want simply because he will outwork anyone I know. You can guarantee that his character of fine craftsmanship is of utmost importance and it is evident in his work and dedication. They don’t make them like this guy anymore. Max, you are one of a kind. Your character and hard work is going to land you your legacy, just know that you are already a legend and incredible teacher in my book. Anybody that says that I will help you because his passion is to see things done right has me won over, now to take that an extra step further when he says to me, you can pay me what you want has me looking at life in general different, it has humbled me greatly. Thank you for being such a fine example of good character max. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you will be taken care of. I should also add that I have trusted max to take care of my 120 saltwater full live reef tank for almost a year and a half while I’m away for months at a time in other countries. He has not only done a great job but the peace of mind he gives me is priceless. I have adopted him into my friends and family and every get together I have, the tank is a huge attraction. I tell them to ask max any questions saltwater related because max is literally a living encyclopedia book of knowledge. I can’t tell you how many times those people come up to me just to let me know how great of a guy max is and what pleasure it was talking to him. Max you have blessed all my family and friends greatly and you deserve to be your own boss and kick ass! I should add that the first day I met max, he was given the job to help me set up my tank. Of course the fish store owner that sold me the tank wanted me to buy products that would break and cause problems. Max character was shown to me that day when he risked his job to do what was right and explain to me the best way to set up the tank that would not only cost fractions less but would function much better- and you could pay me whatever you think is fair. Max sacrificed the rest of his night to pick up materials from Home Depot to help me build the tank that cost me in total around $20. The tank cycled in half the time then expected and continued to work great. Thank you max
Hootie- Max is by far the most mellow and down to earth Reefers and all around good guyss to have around when it comes to anything that has to do with my exotic Fish/Reef Tank I have set up, Max is always patient with me when I call asking all sorts of fish/reef advice regardless of what time I call, He always finds a way to fit me into his crazy schedule even tho I’m hours from his home base, If there is one guy I can recommend and say is not a flaky Aquarist, its Max…. Wishing you nothing but good luck on your future endeavors and look forward to seeing your passion turn into success… Much luv bud…